I’m Valentina, occasionally Vavi!

Graduated in Architectural Restoration in the Architecture department at the Federico II University of Naples, I moved to Como immediately after graduation; here, for fifteen years I practiced as architect, from the project to the construction site, including various areas, public and private.

Practising as an architect has not distracted me, however, from what, since I was a child, had always attracted me: drawing, color, graphics, illustration. That’s how I took pencils, nibs and colors in hand again and suddenly my personal and professional life took an unexpected turn. Surprisingly, the profession of architect has left more and more place for two-dimensional creativity, for graphic signs, for the interpretation of brands and visual identities, for the freehand lines of architecture illustration that had always attracted me so much and that had characterized my career education.

And so, in long story short, this is me, in other words, an architect who treasures what she has studied and learned and proposes it again in architecture illustration and graphic design, because every facet of this path is part of me and influences my creativity.

brand identities

Graphic Design

Brand identity interpretation for the purpose of seeking new nourishment for brand business or to initiate new prospects for professional growth. Creating a vision, organizing armonically contents wether texts or images, or both, for publishing projects.

architecture illustration

Archictecture Illustration

The historical architectures depicted in their essential features and in their compositional paths. Using the watercolor techinque and the ink nibs lines gives dephts to historical architecture. The architecture illustration as representation of the soul of the city and its inhabitants.

Cleto goes to…

This little owl flyies over the cities of the world with a peculiar look at the architectures that are the revelation of time and history. Cleto is a travel companion for grownup and children who grasps new glimpses of places of a time that was, still is and perhaps still will be.